A leader needs followers. Otherwise he is simply one lone person
and one lone person can’t do nearly as much as a giant “movement”

Starting a movement based on your passion is not only fantastic
(unless you AND your passion are screwed up and hate filled),
but pretty much necessary IF your passion includes helping others,
making a difference or changing the world.

In this “Ted Talk” video Derek Sivers explains quickly and efficiently,
how to start a movement, so it was just easier to include it
and allow you to watch it for yourself.

And then there is this one… which I add as much for my own
delight, as for further explanation, and although it is less obvious
as the example above, it is still a wonderful example of a movement.

Voted as one of the BEST examples of a flash mob, which is basically
a mob of people who began singing and dancing in what seems at first
like a unrehearsed free for all, (but is really a short choreographed performance),
in public places to the delight of those who were lucky enough to catch it

Make it interesting to enough people, make it FUN (if you can), appeal
to the egos and passions of those you want to join you, and
use some entertaining techniques that appeal to many and you have a movement

Hint: you also gain the approval of those who are on the sidelines.

So, decide what you want to do about what you feel strongly about
and realize that you need to just get started.

BUT, where do you begin?  Didn’t you watch the videos? Especially
the second one?

You begin at the beginning. It is always a very nice place to start.

To Successful Beginnings,



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