The beginning of the “Most wonderful time of the year.”

From October 1st thru January 3, I am in either Seventh Heaven or Hog Heaven (depending on how well you like me) and thoroughly Loving every single day.

The cool crisp air that turns into (sort of) cold air with warm comfort foods and snuggly clothes and blankets while enjoying a lazy fire (roaring fires are for snow days and blizzards) with those you love.

Don’t have any “those you loves” Go get some. No one should ever be alone (not even if you want to) since we are created to be relational creatures.

If you seriously do not have any friends or family to love, then get out, find some (safe) interesting groups to join AND volunteer at a shelter or some other charity close to your heart and you will soon have more “those you loves and those who love you” than you will have time for. … and what a problem that is to have.

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