Parents Start Your Engines. It’s almost time for your six plus month
abandonment of your family.


That’s right, according to Nielsen, the average person is way
too distracted with technology and now spends
11 hours a day ON gadgets -and 7 hours and 15 minutes
of that time is spent on TV, smart phones and computers.

That is 2,610 hours a year,
that is THOUSAND) OR 194 (15 hour) days,
OR (6.46) almost 7 months of life
that is NEVER EVER replaced.

What does that mean for your kids, your family?

It means that the average person spends almost 7 months
every year totally UNconnected from the people in their life
that need them the most or that mean the most to them.

This does not include the 8-10 hours each day that everyone
is at work or commuting- although some of the working stats
of the tech may be during the time at work.

And these stats are from 2014
… do you think it has gotten any better?

No decent person would dream of getting into a car and just
abandoning their loved ones- especially children who need constant
(daily) guidance, love and nurturing-for almost 7 months every year.

I know to some of you this sounds ridiculous and even harsh, BUT
it is not really as far off as you might think.

Do your own research

Pay attention to those around you when you go out… watch the
parents on their phones while walking through the stores, the parking lots,
sitting in restaurants or even at stop lights.

Time that used to be spent talking (even if just light-hearted & superficial)
AND PAYING ATTENTION to those in the car with them, is now spent
texting, or talking on the phone to someone.

Kids who have been at daycare all day WANT AND NEED to reconnect
with parents, and have some undivided attention, and it not only doesn’t
happen, I have seen parents yell at, insult, or just admonish with a dirty look
a child who is vying for their attention while they are on that blasted phone.

Valuable (irreplaceable) time and memories are being lost.

Irreplaceable time & memories are lost when we are #disconnected. #Family #Tech Share on X

We would all benefit from being a little more focused and aware
of what we are doing.

Some of you may say that I have no idea what happens during the
other times when I do not see those people. Sorry, but as a busy,
working mom, I do know what goes one.

Racing around, running errands, getting dinner, doing laundry, cleaning
up after dinner, getting baths, and then bed.

The family, the beloved spouse, the precious kids are lost in the shuffle,
UNLESS someone makes it their business to disconnect from the tech
and make them a daily priority.

And the frustrating thing is just like the old farmer said, “The trouble
with cows is they don’t stay milked”.

Like the old farmer said, 'The trouble with cows is they don't stay milked' #family #parenting #LifeBTB Share on X

The trouble with relationships is they don’t STAY fed or attended to.
You can’t give attention on the weekends, and tell yourself that they
should be fine until next weekend.

Kids are needy… and seeing to those needs is not just good parenting,
it’s also smart parenting, if you want them to grow up to NOT be needy.
They need parenting every day and spouses need our attention.

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We only have 24 hours each day and when you deduct for sleep
and those times when we must be away from the family, the
rest of the hours need to be VERY CAREFULLY prioritized and allotted.

You can read the interesting report yourself, here at Geek Wire

Take Action

While I hope I haven’t offended anyone (at least not too badly),
I am more hopeful that I got your attention.

So…rather than argue with me, defend the current trends,
make excuses, deny your guilt (if any), how about just
taking an assessment of YOUR life, being brutally honest
about your time and how you spend it, and then if you need to,
apologize to your special people BUT then take action to
reconnect and put the tech gadgets where they belong.

For the computer or smart phone, that means turned off
at least until the little ones are in bed and during the times
your spouse wants some of your sexy self
(YES, this matters too, but that is a whole different article)

… and for the TV that may be in a closet, or even the trash!


Prioritize your life. Especially if you have a family. Put them
where they belong on your list and that is NOT after your career.

NO ONE is so important that others need 24/7 access to them
unless it is a special situation.

Careers come and go, Family doesn’t (well unless you lose them
due to neglect & disconnect)

To your Best Life,


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