Got time for a rant?
NO? Well then, just consider this a healthy dose of “Empowered Women Don’t Do This”
Here’s the thing, my fabulous social media mavens, Social media is not always nice or social.
I mean, come on, who hasn’t gone to a post on a social media site and either been the recipient of a comment dripping with hate or seen someone who has? Sometimes, the rude comments are because WE made a less than kind (why DO we do that?) comment, but not always. Sometimes, they are the result of trolls.
Let me school you on trolls:
these people purposely sow discord on the internet by starting arguments or upsetting people. They post inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic comments in an online community (such as a forum, social site, or blog)

with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or to just disrupt normal, on-topic discussion, usually for the troll’s perverted amusement as they munch on stale tortilla chips and slurp down caffeine drinks to keep them up all night, in their mom’s basement. How pathetic is that?

Now, let’s talk about page owners or site owners who are just as rude.
I’m talking about the, “It’s MY Page and I’ll post what I want to, so go eff yourself” attitude that so many Facebook page owners adopt, especially the more successful pages and especially when their readers (fans) take issue with something they post.

So, they took issue with something you posted. Why would you treat someone who has “liked and followed you” and maybe even shared your stuff with their friends to such a mean, rude response?
Yes, it IS your pageÔÇöthat’s a fact.
Diarrhea is also a FACT, but no one wants to have it flung at their face.
I’m not talking about the page that is obviously created to create controversy or strong emotions in everyone who goes there. “You get what you get” if you’re on a controversial page that goes against your beliefs, values, or ideals. Don’t like what they say? Don’t go there.
I’m talking about the “Switcheroo” page. You know the ones.
The pages that are all dressed up in pretty colors, gorgeous graphics, glitter, motivational quotes, positivity & unicorn farts, or even useful page like a business page offering business advice or tips, only to suddenly slam bam you when you least expect it with a one sided political post or some other controversial comment.
And when someone is upset or complains with a “Hey, why the political post? This isn’t a political page” or “Can we just stick to the warm fuzzies,” they are basically given the ole’ asshat blowoff, “Hey it’s MY page and I’ll post what I want. Don’t like it. Leave.”
Yes, it may be your page, and yes, you CAN post what you want, but when you created a page, put it on a sharing platform, and grew your page as something that doesn’t have controversial content, and you asked others to like it and follow you,
and they DID that based on the content on your page,

then you have a responsibility to those “fans” to not be rude and blow them off, when they take exception to something when you veer off course with an unexpected or controversial post that is out of context for your page.

No one is asking you to compromise YOUR values or your page, but a kind HUMANE response along the lines of,
“I’m sorry you didn’t like my post, but I created this page so I CAN post my thoughts or ideals along with my pretty/useful stuff. I know that I may have surprised you with my political comment, but I DO post things like that occasionally, and if you don’t want to see posts like that, you may want to unfollow me.
However, I DO thank you for your time and support.
A simple “cut and paste” kind response. No compromise. No disrespect. No dismissal of their humanity.
And then, NO following up with snide, rude, mean spirited comments or images on your feed after they leave, ┬ácreating snickers and guffaws from the other members who are trying to suck up or act “cool”.
The catalyst to this rant post, was exactly this behavior today by a page I loved.
I was just a bit shocked to see a page that I considered to be on the “classier side” do this very thing to a couple of long time fans.
These fans voiced their disappointment in the comments, and instead of acknowledging their feedback or engaging in a constructive discussion, the page owner lashed out at them with insults and dismissive remarks.
It was disappointing to see someone who had built a community of fans and followers with beautiful graphics promoting positivity, respect & “we all have a right to our voice” content to suddenly turn on them when they dared to voice dismay at the change of output.
I guess we are ALL hypocrites about something ­čśë
Anyway, for those of us page owners who grow up to have mega followers, I know it is easy to get
a bit swollen in the ego, but no one likes a self centered jerk
…well, except maybe the other “mean girls” on your page.
This is not how empowered women treat others, nor is it what social media should be about. It’s supposed to be a platform for people to connect and share ideas, but all too often it becomes a breeding ground for negativity and hostility.
And while trolls are certainly a big part of that problem, so too are WE, the page owners, group admins, and site owners who abuse their power and mistreat their fans.
If you’ve stayed with me this far (yes, it WAS long) then I thank you and
will just finish with this:
Go forth and Be the Change you want to see. You’ll Grow Better when you do.
Love Ya Mean It!

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