Content Marketing Explained

The steps in content marketing are important
to achieving the desired outcome
and need to be learned by every marketer.

What IS content marketing, anyway?

Content Marketing is the new “thing”
Problem is most people only “think” they know what it is.

Content marketing is any marketing that involves
the creation, publishing and sharing of media (or content)
to a specific audience with a strategic purpose-
which is usually acquiring and retaining customers

It is the last two sentences that are usually the issue,
since many marketers simply post any old content to
any old audience not really saying anything that anyone
wants to hear or that is worth listening to.

Here is a very informative infographic from (thank you)
showing the steps to take to create a pretty darned good (if followed)
content marketing plan

Building Brand with Content Marketing

Creating DoOvers with Purpose,


Accountability Coach & SmBiz Boomer


Major thanks to for allowing the embed.

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